Anthony Cumia


Anthony from the Opie And Anthony Show.

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2596 days ago


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crashtestreport 2446 days ago

no heavy metal

crashtestreport 2446 days ago

light weights

manselman 2577 days ago

lighter is for his chicks candle...or his crack pipe

birddog316 2588 days ago

whats with the purple lighter Ant? Didn't know u smoked

Mattirawks 2588 days ago

Bud light .....pussy

irishdiablo 2590 days ago

Gun? Check! Laptop? Check! Beer? Check! Nazi War Helmet? ... Where the fuck is my Nazi War Helmet? Oh yeah, I'm wearing it already. DUH!

Pittsburgh_Phil 2591 days ago

I swear I have seen him in another movie.

razakel 2592 days ago

No Mac for the rich man? Aww.....

cheeseflosser 2593 days ago

This looks like the beginning of a suicide note. Anthony, if you think of it as 19 for the 30th time, it doesn't hurt as much.

MitchInTexas 2593 days ago

Lighter for the bong ??

Hankisanerd 2593 days ago

I have an Acer One

r21g 2593 days ago

hmmmmmm. I see the tiny computer but wheres the teenie?

doughuala 2594 days ago

Bud Light! Yeach shit. To make it worse it's American Bud. That is not beer; that is not a laptop; and that is not a unpredictable movie. Trying to set a scene; try again.

xmtrucker 2594 days ago

you should check out lots of little hotties on there...

DanicMepressive 2594 days ago

mff.hrmm. heh mff

PatFrmMoonachie 2594 days ago

I told you not to put it in the dryer!

LVgator 2594 days ago

I didn't know you had a Blu Ray player. Oh, wait, no, that was Steve.

Booger_Couch 2594 days ago

That little tiny right shift key on the keyboard is gonna drive you freakin' batty. You should have went with the MSI Wind!