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Hungover or drunk. Attempt to be and fail at being eloquent (Especially when the former statement is true). Often make poor fashion decisions.

We was on the picture box! Arrrgh!

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2343 days ago

We was on the picture box! Arrrgh!


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LOTTIE_TW_KA_TJ 2219 days ago

#beforetw i have never loved 5 lads at the same time :P xx

Michelle_Lavie 2223 days ago


morninbenders_ 2249 days ago

NATHAN IS GORGEOUS, so are you jay :)

ChloeeeSykes 2329 days ago

You so should have been number 1 !! I really need some glasses like Max's !!! x

BlaiseMaule_TW 2333 days ago

; i know it sounds weird but i toke pic's of you when this program was on,on my phone and i have one that looks exactly like this one.. but i think siva was talking whilst i toke it.. Ha' and i agree you should have been Number one, you guys are the

WeLoveYouNath 2333 days ago

Nathan looks sexy as usual :D

TiaCooper_TW 2336 days ago

ok yous looked better on my tv then in this pic and i was shocked Siva when he introduced your song!! xx

annacooke 2336 days ago

you all look grumpy. cheer up ducks

TWsian 2341 days ago

I watched this! You shoulda been number 1, and I don't care how great Take That is! Haha! :]

elliparker_TW 2342 days ago

Let's have a group hug ya ya ya lol made me giggle oh and it is a love song I agree with &tomthewanted sorry. :D x x

CheyenneRawwrrs 2342 days ago

haha im so glad im not the onoly one wah did this.

Leanne_MaireTW 2343 days ago

looked really relaxed you were all brilliant as nornal :P i love that panda top xx

AshLoves_TWx 2343 days ago

Aha, Max. Jay you were really funny bout the cupcake and drink! You guys were really good at presenting x

HeatherLouise94 2343 days ago

I watched it :) it was brilliant guys :) couldnt stop laughing :L xxxx

RosiieClarkee_x 2343 days ago

i watched that :) i was laughing the whole time :L xx

mizz_angiTW 2343 days ago

i JUST WATCHED IT when all time low came on i screamed! amazing choice 4 take that as 1 i luv them

Freyaheath 2343 days ago

Watched this tom lookin fit and jay !! And Nathan but max looks geeky lol :)) siva FIT !!!!! Xxxx

PowerOfPanic 2343 days ago

you guys were great but your so much funnier in your own vids without a script :D x

EmilySykesWragg 2343 days ago

I watched this yesterday ! My whole family were around the tv xxxx

CharlieeLloyd 2343 days ago

Jay When You Said To Max .. After This "Theres No turning Back" I LOL'D <3 xx