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 Sorry,its the language barrier..I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE!(Said like E.Murph)

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2199 days ago

Sorry,its the language barrier..I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE!(Said like E.Murph)


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Drico_EHS 1979 days ago

It was a dream to all brazilian's life

AiltonRibbeiro 1979 days ago


daaniellep 2063 days ago

eduardaabreu01 2086 days ago

return to Brazil please mariah us love you very much!

Rafinha_MC 2097 days ago

You saw the video we recorded at the party launch MCIIY in Brazil ?

Rafinha_MC 2111 days ago

Mariah I made this video I tribute to the great day my dream became so conducted within! Te Amo!

I Love Mariah So Much [from Brazil]

dreamloverawr 2113 days ago

Not all dictionary words would be enough to say how important you are to me, love you so much ઇઉ [from Brazil]

eduardaabreu01 2113 days ago


eduardaabreu01 2113 days ago

mimi ... we here in Brazil we are already longing for you again soon ...
we love you too!

anagranjo 2140 days ago


ShyanMae 2172 days ago

I love u Mariah!!!!! I'm a Lamb~4~Life!!!! :)

camilajuliam 2180 days ago

Hey MC I went to your show in Brazil, it was aweesome!

lionellaa 2185 days ago

you are special to fans Brazilians, Brazil loves you ... and for me is one of the best singers in the world....

I ♥ U Mimi...

TheNandyDiaries 2190 days ago

*-* I ♥ U Mimi

Angelsmc27 2193 days ago

Dark and eerie-- Hoped that trip turned out all right. Much love MC.

DaveSanSch 2195 days ago

It was great that you could come to Brazil! The was the most amazing show ever!! Really loved it! Loads of love from Brazil xx

WanessaAudrey 2196 days ago

Hi, Mariah ! I was in Barretos in 22th August and I loved your show !!! You're special ! Come back soon to Brazil ! Kisses !!!!!

dreamloverawr 2196 days ago

Mimi the Brazil love you, we want you back, we will always be by your side at any away, nós te amamos

dreamloverawr 2196 days ago

Brazil wants you back, the lambs wants you back, MC you left miss us in, come back soon ઇઉ