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The View from my Bridge

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1655 days ago

The View from my Bridge


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writerJack 1569 days ago

wow very impressed u have a couple copies of my published works their about

ByronLeonard 1655 days ago

A bookshelf is a measure of a man. I love miniatures, "Collector's Library" editions especially.

Lrabbitt 1655 days ago

Roger - guaranteed you would win at (about gorgeous books, not porn)

johnlindenver 1655 days ago

The bust is Benedict Arnold's 2nd wife, Peggy. Verified by painting on Ben's Wikipedia page.

waelkhairy88 1655 days ago

WOW. This room is...I's ..uhmm..beautiful. Roger, are they 2nd hand or newly bought?

Clay_Steakley 1655 days ago

Sigh. Love.

Mercurywaxing 1655 days ago

Dickens should only be read from an old cloth hardcover.

rubberduckgrrl 1655 days ago

What, no Harry Potter?! ;)

markrijans 1655 days ago

i like that picture

Voomnomore 1655 days ago

"Room With A View' comes to mind. Also, Salman Rushdie would be pleased that "Midnight's Children" is at hand.

BerryPineapple 1655 days ago

Love the color scheme and your pic with Gene.

texaschiefs 1655 days ago

Looks a little like bookshelf HGTV designed arranging books by color. But, how'd you find a book?

ttodhunter 1655 days ago

Library of America across the top. Very nice.

ebertchicago 1655 days ago

: The multi-colored are Trollope. The well-worn green set is Dickens. Also in view: Shakespeare.

Aperetti 1655 days ago

What a blessing to have a warm and wonderful library like this in a house near Lake Michigan!

Comixgrrl 1655 days ago

Nice view. I love being surrounded by books.

sheisewe 1655 days ago

Do you have something against paperbacks?

jgrill 1655 days ago

Stunning…just stunning.

YanagiTrebuchet 1655 days ago

Very nice. I'm curious to see how your DVD, Blu-ray & laserdisc shelves look.

manny_miles 1655 days ago

Take that Sarah Palin household!