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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Couldn't win an 8th Tdf but managed to win the run up Aspen mtn this am. Hurt like hell too.

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2344 days ago

Couldn't win an 8th Tdf but managed to win the run up Aspen mtn this am. Hurt like hell too.


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tbc312 2341 days ago


florespepe 2342 days ago

great job lance, i seen the tdf and it was to many falls an accidents, hope u can try the tdf next year u still have it in u

gregwh2000 2342 days ago

You got some! Did a hill climb time trial on Sunday, that hurt too.

docnarc 2342 days ago

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is." Vince Lombardi- You are the Man, Lance.

RoBADaV 2342 days ago

1 Lance Armstrong M30-39 47:44
2 John Tribbia M20-29 48:18
3 Megan Lund F20-29 52:46

Heart_Inspired 2343 days ago

Your entire life has motivated me to run the 2010 NYC marathon just 10 months after open heart surgery to repair a genetic heart valve defect I didn't know I had untilOct.2009.

Heart_Inspired 2343 days ago

Can't wait to see you nail Kona!

Bikefoxx 2343 days ago

Watching you race this year in the TDF was the highlight of my life. You are like the wind when you ride!

Bikefoxx 2343 days ago

Watching you live try to win 8 was great this year! Go Lance! Do whatever makes you happy!

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knapprobert 2343 days ago

Next time ride your bike. Won't hurt as much:)

Hungryyeti 2343 days ago

cool trophy

robertglore 2343 days ago

We always knew you ROCK, now its official!!

leph 2343 days ago

Nice! I hope you're taking notes on the Roger Clemens debacle though. Please don't be a tool.

lienvo64 2343 days ago

great job!! who needs another yellow jersey when you've got 7 ;)

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ninameiers 2343 days ago

You're such an inspiration to us all Lance.

babychina168 2343 days ago

Congratulations! I guess your source of strength comes from the 28M you inspire and inspires you.

pwebster1 2343 days ago

who needs a sweaty ol' yellow jersey anyhoo...

saundraanne 2343 days ago

u won the team award !! ur always a winner, xcellent job. how abt a pic of u!?! gr8 day!