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Photo in need of a caption.

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2078 days ago

Photo in need of a caption.


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Rokku_za_muuvu 1619 days ago


invisible95 2019 days ago

그 와중에도 카메라 의식하는 친구 ㅋ 프로네..

907natalie 2070 days ago

Glen Beck figured out how to have dark skinned people at his rally.

cosmickiki 2071 days ago

How does one apply for THAT job???

AnnieMart39 2071 days ago

You missed a spot. Now I know what Michael Jackson went through

sheroxalot 2076 days ago

Oompaloompas get ready to paint the town orange.

mpatton62 2076 days ago

"We're all going to hate ourselves in the morning, aren't we?"

phil_rosenthal 2076 days ago

You're really a mohel, right?

m_braverman 2076 days ago

Neoskin vuelve a operar!

Amielieja 2076 days ago

You painted the wrong spot dude ! !

Tily19 2076 days ago

Hey! Paint carefully! That's my new pair of socks in there!

StinkyNunchucks 2077 days ago

Brokeback Mantan

bpastrana 2077 days ago

More crabs??!!!

MelodyAustinTX 2077 days ago

Original cover art for "Too Many Daves".

hiwy61 2077 days ago

" Doing you is a real drag."

mjkobb 2077 days ago

Needs a hint more orange for the full John Boehner.

Kuhliene 2077 days ago


djswany 2077 days ago

I said never use those damn new Korean bidets! Sure they look cool but they're a pain in the ass!

KeithCarrizosa 2077 days ago

"You didn't complain when I tanned your hide last night."