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This is what my day looked like today... hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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1927 days ago

This is what my day looked like today... hope you all enjoy your weekend.


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Titanic_sj 1876 days ago

why you always amazing >///< ,, love you man ♥♥♥

MsRhondaBeyonda 1882 days ago

I LOVE this pic of you. You are smokin hot!

jenniferyea 1917 days ago

Hope you're contemplating a trip to our brand new arena in Orlando.

cadiganmitchell 1919 days ago

Cheer up, have exactly what you need to finish your new's all inside of YOU! Keep the faith, Keith. Love from Boston!

lucarp2 1921 days ago

I am so looking forward to the new CD and the new tour that will go along with it. Haven't been able to go to a show since last summer. Will see you at AFTH.

MichelleC85 1922 days ago

You look so good even if you are havin a bad day! Cheer up, your AWESOME!!

Yeehaw777 1924 days ago

My husband cuts straight to the truth he's such a real man. Can't wait to hear from your heart of Sunday Rose in song. I am a mom of 9 and my heart has stretch marks.

Hell_In_Heels 1924 days ago

i wish my day looked that good!!

Christie0325 1924 days ago

hmmm...hard day

DupontRacingFan 1925 days ago

Glad to see your back in the studio....probably only a short distance from my house in good old Music City. Looking forward to new material......God Bless!

xpeacelove55x 1925 days ago

you are, SO adorable(:

bunkey33 1925 days ago

You are a wonderful singer/songwriter and thank you for adding joy to my life!

theoption12 1925 days ago

"the stiller the water, the clearer the reflection"

faithla09 1926 days ago


Kimmea81 1926 days ago

Thanks for the pic! Thank you for all your hard work. Your music has so much meaning and heart. My daughters and I will sing and dance to it together. Driving to work listening to your music brightens my mood, my day. Take care and have a great weeke

babygirlnova123 1926 days ago

Hope all is well with any drug or drinking problems, you are too go of a singer song writer! We love your music! Harold Parenteau 32 Riverbed Drive Greenville, SC 29605 864-631-1064

babygirlnova123 1926 days ago

Keith this is Harold Kimberly's Husban, I was hoping you could help her to get to a recording person/producer, if you head her voice, I think you would understand. She is Country! We love your music! Hope all is well with any drug or drinking problems, yo

Dabutafly 1926 days ago

Keith you look so pensive, time out maybe! Smiles to you from another aussie:):)

iluvflowerz 1926 days ago

Sure hope you are thinking about some new music! Love all you have done!

secretlady1024 1926 days ago

Keith- Deep in thought. Can not wait for you to play inside arena's next year.