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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

An hour of @Kingyoga then a hike up Ajax. With the weightvest. Ouch!

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2110 days ago

An hour of then a hike up Ajax. With the weightvest. Ouch!


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saundraanne 2101 days ago

I really like this shot. You were working out so hard & u look incredible!

geraldosullivan 2104 days ago

Nice one! Are you available to come to Ireland next June to do charity cylce? It would be great to get your support! Or will you be doing a certain T.D.F.? ha...ha!!!!!

TomoYork 2107 days ago

You're gunna b in trouble when the Mrs finds out you've started training for 2011! I think it's time to confess before it's too late

RalphADeCesare 2108 days ago

Y'know you could've taken one of those gondolas!

jasonarmstr0ng 2108 days ago

Where's the band?

paulfuni 2109 days ago

You're great, Lance!

julieriester 2109 days ago

You are awesome! I'm a true fan of yours. I've read your books and followed you for years on Tdf. I have Parkinson's Disease and am cyclist, too. The cycling has kept my progression extremely slow. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

greyheadband 2109 days ago

Where is this?

PabloBikes 2109 days ago

We go man! You have I throw things mas hard that it .... your you are my better example of life ... in the tour of 2000 I made myself a cyclist and today I compete in my country ..... thank you man!!!! (Pd: what I gain of the competitions I donate everyth

saundraanne 2109 days ago

gr8 cross training! mor like a mt climb than a hike!! looking xcellent! thnx 4the twitpic!!! ur the best!

Coolfire1982 2109 days ago

How long is the hike? Would never use a weightvest. Impedes the natural sequence of movements.

peterbrecht 2109 days ago

you still seem to be fit after this hike. chapeau

mbellamia 2109 days ago

If you are still in CO next week we are going biking in Boulder :) Love ya Lance !

NaturalwayRacer 2109 days ago

Looks way better than the new Vuelta leader jersey, thank god you don;t have to worry about that

HansDownarpantz 2109 days ago

I wear a similar vest. Mine is made from fat and beer. And I wear it 24/7

taichi_ka 2109 days ago

Looks awesome, Lance! Keep it up. You're looking well. :)

obviouslyJack 2110 days ago

I have the same vest! I'm starting cycling to, I'm 14 and hoping to get my first race soon

jwoppert 2110 days ago

I'm a mountain trail runner. That weightvest sounds hot.

elkrunrockies 2110 days ago

know that route well!

jerome472 2110 days ago

look good bit too skinny and sleep deprive why the weight-vest? come in to recover