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I came into my office today and Andy had hung this over my desk. He apparently has a lot of them.

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1339 days ago

I came into my office today and Andy had hung this over my desk. He apparently has a lot of them.


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Mrpanguin 853 days ago

Wow...that chair looks comfortable....

merphman 869 days ago

Is this photo-shopped? The lighting of the banner isn't congruent with the lighting in the room.

AngryAuntie 929 days ago

His girth suggests that he can afford food. He must belong to the upper class.

tampa_escort 950 days ago

Team Andy.

jazzyjade45 1017 days ago

How can I score one of theses?

BossOlson 1085 days ago

That is a fat head, but what a great guy!!!!

JosephRobeRT326 1171 days ago

you really hurt my feelings when you admitted the other night you dont tweet your tweets that shit cut me deep

Dark_Artz 1181 days ago

Oh humble Andy, so modest lol

JosephRobeRT326 1187 days ago

conan why dont you tweet me

Film4view 1192 days ago

Another reason to not want to show up at work.
- JER "Canadian Vlogger"

JosephRobeRT326 1200 days ago

Hows it working down the hall from charles barkley, you dudes are hilarious

JosephRobeRT326 1210 days ago

AndY Richter you have really come full circle now, and conan the barbarian just writes for twitter jokes for cable tvshows

JosephRobeRT326 1214 days ago

i told my mom you used to have your own show Where you con trolled the universe, she didn't believe me

DamThatsLopez 1220 days ago

Thats not sexy At all :\ you need one of Megan Fox !!!

finestdaily 1279 days ago

This is great, I love it:X:X:X

no_slugg 1309 days ago

wow. He really has got a crappy office.

JimmyJamesNicol 1317 days ago

that's some funny sh_t.

chapoec 1322 days ago

who is that post op female tranny on the wall?

ChristinaWithaK 1323 days ago

That's just wrong. :)