Richard Wiseman


Psychologist, author and magician. At Univ of Hertfordshire, but personal twitter account.

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10 points for best caption....

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1490 days ago

10 points for best caption....


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KickMuckIdeas 1487 days ago

Hey, the word 'guess' was cut out of my caption vvv. Damn internet gremlins.

KickMuckIdeas 1487 days ago

I was it was a bit boring. I slept through the whole thing.

OtherNamowal 1489 days ago

Wake me up when it's over.

Japanjin 1489 days ago

Feeling no pain!

TartanCrusader 1490 days ago

For clarity, pursuant of my earlier tweet, that 'numbers' also = people who make you numb

EEFWW 1490 days ago

John Daffern clear winner.

ButMadNNW 1490 days ago

Welcome to the Festival. Now, just breathe deeply and count down from 100.

OtherNamowal 1490 days ago

Come to get number, stay for the slumber

_TheGeoff 1490 days ago (With apologies to Bonnie Tyler)

FurryCanary 1490 days ago

Or, to be less pretentious, a slumber party

Sjonnie6 1490 days ago

You make me feel so good

rotchell73 1490 days ago

not as good as the 23rd,or atleast i dont think it was?????

johndaffern 1490 days ago

IM injections should not be in-vein

StarbladeUK 1490 days ago

Well it's either going to be so good it'll knock you out, or so boring you'll sleep through it.

heatherwebb911 1490 days ago

Giving it one more try since we couldn't stay awake til the end the 1st 23 times.

Austerian 1490 days ago

A real wake up call this year!

JamesMorasco 1490 days ago

A date-rapist's dream

tallgent 1490 days ago

With points bigger than the sun...

PyroClaire 1490 days ago

Gassing about gassing

philgurnett 1490 days ago

free laughing gas for the first 50 at the door.