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Album cover in need of a caption.

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2085 days ago

Album cover in need of a caption.


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ThePageOfKwame 1744 days ago

This is a funny picture foreal.''Roger Ebert''.

kaushikentally 2075 days ago

The most suitable caption - " 4 guys ".

Gr8SageEqlofHvn 2084 days ago

Though he knew they meant well, Andre the rentboy was not at all flattered.

BennyMcC 2084 days ago

This is actually a genius idea to stop music piracy - the new Arcade Fire album is inside this cover. Try and share THAT file.

Bennett_Graham 2084 days ago

"Heh heh. Yah, see how they lined us up tallest to shortest? Heh, heh--Ohh, that's Claude on the left, yah, he gets to touch him first! :("

thechimera 2084 days ago

They did touch him. Filthy. Just filthy.

TomDark9 2084 days ago

I remember this! It was before Thorny Thornbush joined, turned them into atheists, and they became "The Five Neat Guys."

Jack_Welton 2085 days ago

Pete Townshend listens to this, but only for research purposes.

Sillstaw 2085 days ago

Sal from "Mad Men" starts a band.

5xs_the_density 2085 days ago

Dragnet: The Musical

CabinBuoy 2085 days ago

Now that's what I call a sharp lookin' suit (one size fits all). Don't forget to rock that Brylcreem.

AlyzabethM 2085 days ago

The Minister's Quartet decided to buy an incredibly creepy van and go on the road.

fancfl 2085 days ago

...and him, and him.

nev38uhh 2085 days ago

Always wondered what ex-priests were doing to earn money!

DanaAAllen 2085 days ago

* I have Foursquare roots and I take offense to that photo!

gcharlebois 2085 days ago

They must be talking about the photographer.

CloisChick 2085 days ago

Do We Cheatum and Howe! The CPA All-Stars

HopOnPopMusic 2085 days ago

And "Wake Up, Llittle Susie" was the banned song?!?!

thegreenmonkeys 2085 days ago

Drew Carry and family sing early American folk songs.