Kim Kardashian


Think I can get through airport security?

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1738 days ago

Think I can get through airport security?


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lehbocchini 1584 days ago

turned into a Christmas tree? xx

ikkke2 1590 days ago

sue u can

LauuraKolshek 1602 days ago

no one can tuch u now ;) u also dont need a security guard ;) have fun in fashion btw: 'im lovin it'

C_ynthiaa 1664 days ago

the dress is just like your laboutin shoes *-*

juliajennykraus 1690 days ago

fabulous :)

noura0123 1702 days ago

will hallo miss.Kardashian goodbye lady gaga

MollyKathaleen 1707 days ago

that dress is stunning and can you please follow me x

tvtecf20c 1707 days ago

Wow, can u even go a minute in the outfit without cuting yourself, lol?

madame_addie 1708 days ago

whoaaa hahah nice!

Wishful_Witch 1708 days ago

Great Another Whore Outfit...Really Bitch You're Not That Hot!! You're UGLY And A Attention Whore!!!

SonOfAnarchy89 1709 days ago

That can actually be a used as a from of protection if a guy tries to rob u

leh_nt 1709 days ago


tpbkkumar 1709 days ago

WOW! Love this Dress

JadeSibbons_x 1710 days ago

love this dress :) xx

Adny_Lb 1711 days ago

pikos :P

PiiNKDi4MONDZ14 1711 days ago

Love the dress!!

korinarcastro 1711 days ago

How do you sit? lol

teeaam_eedwaard 1711 days ago

STFU AND STOP HATING!! ahaha your probably some fat 40 year old women who has no one too talk too except for 20 cats xD

AmeyWithAnE 1711 days ago

That dress is amazing! xox

JuliaCarter_ 1711 days ago

T'es trop belle Kim :)