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CJ kissing daddy

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1340 days ago

CJ kissing daddy


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kittyprice86 1250 days ago


darrowbythirsk 1267 days ago

Awww...So cute! I want another dog. Jackies are so smart, and can jump so high!

LittleMonsterx_ 1268 days ago

naaaw look at his tongue x CUTE

NeseH 1339 days ago

he is so cute look at that little face!

ingahauks 1339 days ago

So cute

Emma_JBSG 1339 days ago

i wanna meet ur dogs there so cute lol

JohnsEngel 1339 days ago

Captain Jack is so sweet.
I like him very much.
Send Captain Jack a kiss.

PowerOfSparkles 1339 days ago

Like Captain Jack, Like Captain Jack, don't let him too close or he'll slob on you :P x

beybladersussi 1339 days ago

Captain Jack is fabolous!

mrsjbarrowman2b 1339 days ago

when are you going to give me my dog bk john cj is mine lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kes2611 1339 days ago

I so want to b CJ. lucky CJ

isaprang 1339 days ago

what a lovely captain Jack!

McInHeather 1339 days ago

well lets face it, everyone has gotta love the daddy :D

fridgetrousers 1339 days ago

awww you guyss are so cutee :P x

HayzBCFC 1339 days ago

Awwwwwwwwww, thats so adorable....

Jodister_foote 1340 days ago

lovly dog slober all over your face i hope you washed your face b4 kissing scott

gripper70 1340 days ago

so adorable

Madame_Siofra 1340 days ago

Aww. Adorable!

SarahBobrik 1340 days ago

:) very lucky JC and very lucky "daddy"

Christie_N83 1340 days ago

Aww, that is too cute! CJ is just like my dog, he loves to give kisses.