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Turner as Iron Man Captain Jack and Pink Champagne

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1435 days ago

Turner as Iron Man Captain Jack and Pink Champagne


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LauraECummings 1343 days ago

haha lol

JamieKMMoore 1434 days ago


JohnsEngel 1434 days ago

John Wow!

torchwoodjbfan 1435 days ago

hi turner i just read your tweets from last night hope your on to night ans jb ,scott you lboth look cool!!!!!!!!!

fridgetrousers 1435 days ago

now that is what i call a night in awww captin jack is soo cute i got a dog like tht :) xxxx

Jodister_foote 1435 days ago

nice one

gripper70 1435 days ago

brilliant photo

DebraNtheSouth 1435 days ago

Does Scott know what you do when he's not home? LOL.

Ranmaru_san 1435 days ago

There are no words! LOL

sazy567 1435 days ago

How cute is Cj

cgrrl 1435 days ago

You guys sure know how to party! :D

simyuk 1435 days ago

The poor dog looks like it's being held captive lol

NixGreen 1435 days ago

I agree with Jacqui, a whole different kettle of fish for the sober ones!

jacquiprice 1435 days ago

Poor Scott - what is he coming home to ;)

livinginamoment 1435 days ago

oooh pink champagne, my favourite!

hope2259 1435 days ago

HAHAHA that's hilarious! Thats what I meant w being a bad influence to the poor boy John LOL! Love it! :D

NixGreen 1435 days ago

Now im thinking runnng round Asda dressed as Batman wasn't such a crazy idea :-D

NyankoMom 1435 days ago

I love Captain Jack ! He is very lovely .

yetanotherpearl 1435 days ago

that is brilliant :D

Janto34 1435 days ago

Iron Man & Captain Jack :)