Jessica Simpson


The waitress just put this in front of me. I'm SO offended.  Hehe

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2342 days ago

The waitress just put this in front of me. I'm SO offended. Hehe


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lvberly 2048 days ago

Yo Jess brealk that sh*t!

Love2shop929 2070 days ago

Im a hardcore Ravens fan <3 =) Baltimore born and raised =)

GerkeJT 2336 days ago

u should b happy the ravens kicked your ex bfs ass if u would like ill give u a tour of bmore

Motionflow_ 2337 days ago


hot4jessica 2340 days ago

l,ur funny im supprisd ur such aloyal dallas gurly aftr all thatz happd but thatz a texastoughy 4ya,not 2 mention total freekn kuty,oh ya im a fan 2 of both u and,HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!,PS romo usd 2b my boy

tatd_peircd_mom 2340 days ago

Ravens Blow, Steelers Rock!

ahuston6 2340 days ago

Being a 49ers fan since the womb us be offended too =)

adgreen920 2341 days ago

I would be offended too Jess, in not a NY Giants plate! Sorry Texas Girl! I still love your music, but your choice in football is questionable! Lol! ;~}

TaylorMERSHON 2341 days ago

if you follow me on twitter i will follow you :)

cometome_larry 2341 days ago

I totally wouldve been like "Oh can i return this to chairty?" Then hurled all over it.

Helzyx 2341 days ago

lol! and im the same as i made my account just for you :)

DawnMichael 2341 days ago

Being a huge Steelers fan, I would've been offended too

guitarsean 2341 days ago

I would have wanted to hurl upon it and then hand it back to her.

MsBellaReyes 2341 days ago

Ha ha, I'm sure she wasn't aware of it...♥

KatieSnyder8 2341 days ago

Go Ravens!!

britneyhanks 2341 days ago

ur so cute jessica i made this account jus for u haha hope its the real you

diamond4everxxx 2341 days ago

lol maybe shes a fan!?!?!? :)

MelMWells 2341 days ago

Take a pen and right \"Go Cowboys\" on it! lol...

mariagibs 2341 days ago

OMG! Are you serious? Don't believe this really happened

mrz_lulu_k 2342 days ago

Aww man, jess!! I don't think she knows. Hahaha