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Photo in need of a caption.

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1433 days ago

Photo in need of a caption.


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CheetahPizzas 1012 days ago

"No-Really!.... grandpa was once president of the u.s. of america."

GabrielCsaba 1014 days ago

"Nice mustard mascara, Miss! May I lend you some ketchup from my elbow?"

maknbacon 1223 days ago

And now I'll do the Grinch, telling you that Christmas is back on track.

madmensay 1366 days ago

bem no meio.... rs

kaushikentally 1421 days ago

" Keep watching "

mpatton62 1429 days ago

"Fortunately, he was in the custody of one of his daughters, who made sure he did no harm."

bpastrana 1430 days ago

My hemorroids? This big!

markrijans 1430 days ago

we have this much money in the US treasury

kintoall 1431 days ago

Another drink? Well, just a chaser would be AOK!

TomDark9 1431 days ago

Quittin' AA wuz th' funnest thing I ever did!

Gr8SageEqlofHvn 1431 days ago

WTF are those marks on his elbow?

Gr8SageEqlofHvn 1431 days ago

"Of course I'm OK to drive!"

Colierrannd 1432 days ago

gets my vote with "No, it really isn't in need of a caption."

Colierrannd 1432 days ago

"...and that poor pet goat was left without a mommy!" (he does look like he's crying)

DanaAAllen 1432 days ago

Way bigger than a cigar Lady!

SarcasmoJones 1432 days ago

Going to

activeB 1432 days ago

False teeth stuck in hair gets the A ok from Bush.

ramsey750 1432 days ago

So Mr Bush, how big would you say your brain is?
Umm, about that big... Pretty cool huh?

JPboogerface 1432 days ago

No, it really isn't in need of a caption.

Sandalbar 1432 days ago

"Beach Volleyball, I love it."