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You know you want one.

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2138 days ago

You know you want one.


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Gr8SageEqlofHvn 1617 days ago


GabrielCsaba 1718 days ago

Southern Brazil, 1980, camping. They were all over the place. I want to forget. I can't. Aaaaah!

Gr8SageEqlofHvn 2135 days ago

That is really impressive. And yet I am relieved that the beetles around here don't get that big.

Mercurywaxing 2137 days ago

The Japanese boys I teach love to collect beetles. One brought a in a bug exactly like this for show and tell.

ShoeBeDoBeDo 2137 days ago

From the freezer of Andrew Zimmern...

AlyzabethM 2137 days ago

As long as it's dead and encased like that where it can't get out.

hubertzalc 2138 days ago

Wow, Beautiful
Piękny :)

Donwa2 2138 days ago

"That's a buck! I'll shoot anything with antlers" (Sarah Palin college zoology mid-term outburst)

emillyorr 2138 days ago

Yes please. Where can I get one?

MrMattyMofo 2138 days ago

i want one sooo bad.

JXQ007 2138 days ago

wow, i do!

WhatAboutTofu 2138 days ago

...I do want it, and yet at the same time, no.

Chase357_gamer 2138 days ago

As long as it doesn't have a button that's labeled "Press Here!" and plays an annoying tune, yes.

boundaryshift 2138 days ago

Oh. My. God. Someone was finally able to get a hold of one of Sarah Palin's thumbprints.

KirstinMarsh 2138 days ago

Yes, It reminds me of Saosin

NtJohnMalkovich 2138 days ago

I have one of a *scorpion*

johnlindenver 2138 days ago

Ya, I want. Looks like spawn from "Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo."

Kuhliene 2138 days ago

Pffft. HAVE one. On a necklace. It's mah bling. Has a spider in it with a pointy butt. I ate it.

Fruvous 2138 days ago

That is the most awesomely Goth insect ever.

partiallypro 2138 days ago

It's a bed bug from Manhattan