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Palin is so malevolently wrong-headed here it's like rabid trolling.

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2346 days ago

Palin is so malevolently wrong-headed here it's like rabid trolling.


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Gr8SageEqlofHvn 2344 days ago

Reload WHAT exactly? Bad advice or racist idiocy?

jenniferlove_ 2346 days ago

I love the usage of the word "reload" and "shackles" here. Freudian slip there, Sarah?

jymdyer 2346 days ago

Sarah Palin thinks "Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective" by using racist epithets? Brilliant.

NYCisme 2346 days ago

And to think, she could have been our VP!

radicallydyed 2346 days ago

...but in her sick world, saying "retarded" is wrong?! she is such a hate-monger!! I'm deeply disturbed.

SimoneOlivia 2346 days ago

Oh Sarah! America cries every time u open ur mouth- please stop embarrassing yourself!

leftnotracks 2346 days ago

50% bullshit, 50% egomaniac, 50% complete fucking idiot. But mostly she’s all labrador retriever.

Annajohnsonxx 2346 days ago

If we hooked a windturbine to her mouth, we could generate enough power to meet 90% of America's needs. Think Green.

CrazyUncleLarry 2346 days ago

I wonder if she's going to cover Trade Martin's new "Mosque at Ground 0" song with Dr. L? #1st Amd.

vincepecoraro 2346 days ago

We need to encourage these people to keep talking. It will expose them for what they are.

Bodypuzzle 2346 days ago

Constitutional obstruction? U don't support equal rights for gays, ! potkettleblack

GalsGotMoxie 2346 days ago

Oh hey, listeners deciding to no longer support Dr. L like... free market or something! H/T TPers!

BigTymeSean 2346 days ago

To : your hypocrisy is nothing short of astonishing. Do us all a favor: GO AWAY!!

claate 2346 days ago

Hey, 2 C's don't make a first amendment right...

gigicamp 2346 days ago

, RETARDS, RETARDS, RETARDS, RETARDS, RETARDS! Hey, just using my 1st amendment, right?! Thanks for the empowerment, Sarah!!

JackPowerX 2346 days ago

/sigh/ 1st amendment does not cover PRIVATE COMPANIES!!! Nor does it guard you from consequences...

MilindShah 2346 days ago

= Pretty Hate Machine

cbn2 2346 days ago

Oh, just like u, SARAH, Laura has the right to be an ignorant ASININE twit & we have right to say so.

cynsha 2346 days ago

It seems ok for Palin and Dr. L to have their free speech, but heaven forbid if anyone else tries.

barrysandwich 2346 days ago

Notice her tweeting syntax, which has nothing to envy of Obama's.