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One of my snacks for the day while in the studio... this stuff is the best.

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2108 days ago

One of my snacks for the day while in the studio... this stuff is the best.


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Farmgirl237 2108 days ago

Some how I didn't picture u blowing bubbles till now. There's still a kid in us all!!! Save me some! Lol

Cyanne01 2108 days ago

No crumbs, no spill. And.....sugar BUBBLES! You're not always singing when ur in the studio :)

SharonfromPA 2108 days ago

Good Snack to have Keith! Would Love to see you Blowing your Bubbles when trying to sing & record!

stefrcal 2108 days ago
can you please check out my covers and tell me what you think? thanks! ~stefanie

Catfishjenkins 2108 days ago

Ohhhh yeah! Do you ever put the entire pack in your mouth and talk to people? If should. Great fun to watch others as you master that... Maybe record a song ;) bwhaaaaa

bluest47 2108 days ago

I wouldn't mind trying a little piece of Big League Chew Bubble Gum.

BerryPineapple 2108 days ago

I haven't had that stuff since the 80's!

bethjanelle 2108 days ago

I bet it is hard to sing and chew gum at the same time :-)

ErickaAnn 2108 days ago I want some!

JaninaRS 2108 days ago

thats the best! I love it!!!!!! sooo good

sunsprite33 2108 days ago

LOL Keith! I didn't picture you the chewing type! :-)

mtkufan4ever 2108 days ago

Hooked on phonics worked for me... as you can see by my last post. :)

mtkufan4ever 2108 days ago

Funny! Gald u r in studio stupid rumor yesterday had us worried u had been in a ba wreck!

Suzanna60 2108 days ago

wow they sill make it oh the memories it brings back Keith is pretty tasty too

LovaticNinja 2108 days ago

I agree! I want some now too lol thanks Keith

FeetsofMagic 2108 days ago

I love this stuff!!!! Did you blow a huge bubble with it?