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brain mri shows a right sided tumor. can you guess the type? #medicalmystery

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2379 days ago

brain mri shows a right sided tumor. can you guess the type? #medicalmystery


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BrainProyectMD 2317 days ago

Olygodendroglioma Vs. GBM

ucr001 2377 days ago

looks like a Cyst, with calcification. D-Dx - Cystecercosis, vs Teratoma, Vs CNS Lymphoma, vs glioblastoma. Clinical corelation is advised.

doc_sk 2379 days ago

glioblastoma multiforme. .

PragnyaC 2379 days ago

mature teratoma?.. solid cystic components with areas of necrosis and calcification.. GBM is also a possibility

medifirst 2379 days ago

GBM most likely

parkerjo08 2379 days ago

glioblastoma multiforme.

CarisSevern 2379 days ago

A bad newsoma?

skieffe 2379 days ago

If meningioma, possibly a convexity meningioma.

skieffe 2379 days ago

Is that a dura tail? If so, I would guess meningioma. #medicalmystery

SSNouriel 2379 days ago

I don't where the tumor is, but the squiggly thing on the right kinda looks like a fetus.

Stollmw 2379 days ago

Glioblastoma multiforme, I'm going with Pantzonfire.

saundraanne 2379 days ago

Mushy Brain Tumor type!

DebiBird 2379 days ago

Dr. Gupta do you have a way to heal this tumor? Why not spend time on that?

Saumi_doc 2379 days ago

GBM with midline shift....or could be neurocysticercosis....

roya_m 2379 days ago

metastatic tumor from lungs

pantzonfire 2379 days ago

Ring enhancing lesion with multiple densities. Glioblastoma Multiforme

Monk4Now 2379 days ago

It is a Mobilephoma cause by too much mobile phone use by right handed person.

lissymyers 2379 days ago

Worms from raw pork

ChrissyCarnage 2379 days ago

Looks like an ependymoma to me..

Bookvhiz 2379 days ago

a Multicentric glioma?