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Jordan, Jersey , Jax ...LOVE !!!!

There's the puggle

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2171 days ago

There's the puggle


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NikkiLyka 2154 days ago

AWWwww. I want an army of those dogs. SO cute.

MRS_DREA 2170 days ago

Gimme that dog!!!!!

midikat 2171 days ago


caro_breck 2171 days ago

Jay i love dogs but ur cuter than ur puggle

ChildGambino 2171 days ago

Cute Puppy, whats that strange looking growth attached to it? :p

missyjunny 2171 days ago

Ahhh puggle puggle puggle cuddle!!

DazeyChain 2171 days ago

Awwww! He looks so content :) or is he a she?

TeenageDrag 2171 days ago

now that's some cute ass shit...

jetimo 2171 days ago

Too adorable.. the both of ya's

THEBFMS 2171 days ago

Looks like you're rockin' a Jerry Seinfield era mullet. Right on!

lovekitty_ 2171 days ago

omg wasn't expecting that... wow lol!. that is the cutest dog!

NIKKASIXX 2171 days ago

now that is awesomely cute

riotgrrrrrrrrl 2171 days ago

*steals you both and puts you in a cage*
mine now. :)