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Border collie jill surveying the view from atop the sand dune

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2351 days ago

Border collie jill surveying the view from atop the sand dune


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tinalorenz 1998 days ago

How sad--what's really ironic is we adopted a red and white border collie from a S. California border collie rescue--and she had a black and white sister they'd named Jill. Wish I knew if it was the same dog--would love to rescue her too if she needs a ho

DearToday 2043 days ago


Pierced_Pikachu 2176 days ago

its really sad and creepy to see his still untouched twitter page :-[

vixenousV 2268 days ago

Miss you so much Dr. Frank, you were an incredible man. thank you

hlokty82 2285 days ago

Everyone who's running there mouth about him causing his own death b/c of texting....read this article!!

hlokty82 2285 days ago

According to Dr. Frank Ryan's Wikipedia page, his dog Jill did survive w/ minor injuries. RIP Dr. Ryan!

GrandTheftHomo 2310 days ago

God I hope the dog is okay. Does anyone know? "And I'm free, free fallin."

Geminifox84 2319 days ago

Did Dr. Ryan have a wife ? Kids???

LisaLynn93 2329 days ago

He was survived by an elderly mother and cousins,had no siblings and his father was deceased,anyone know what has become of Jill now?

blueyzs 2331 days ago

Funny how people just want to assume that someone just HAD to be doing something wrong.

blueyzs 2331 days ago

Um no it was not confirmed that he was and it very well could have been an accident.

kd8jhc 2334 days ago

Uhh...blueyzs, yes there was: "The California Highway Patrol confirmed Ryan was texting on his phone when he crashed." Sorry, this DEFINITELY could have been avoided. No accident!

blueyzs 2335 days ago

The surgeries was def. alot but the accident could have been just an accident! Just sayin'

lanative333 2335 days ago

His wreckless behavior led to his death....Evidence.....Doing ten surgeries on a patient proves it

blueyzs 2337 days ago

No proof he was tweeting during his accident! and yes they dog was w/him and was hurt but survived.

uffdah1 2337 days ago

Does any one know if his dog Jill was in the car with him at the time of the accident????If so, is she okay?

lalasweetheart 2338 days ago

R.I.P. Dr. Frank Ryan, Its so sad to see someone so talented leave this world all over a twit pic. It's so sad to hear about this loss, but he left us with a lot of people who care deeply for him.

LoveZaynah 2338 days ago

He died posting this very picture to Twitter from his phone. Hasn't he learned anything from those "Don't text and Drive" commercials? Drove right off of a cliff. Why haven't they deleted his account yet? It's kind of sad... (That he died like that!)

tsukinokawa 2339 days ago

r.i.p, such a shame that jill lost her owner.

morganna777 2340 days ago

RIP Dr., I hope people learn to LEAVE THE F-IN' PHONE ALOE IN THE CAR!