Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

About to head in. See y'all in a few. Livestrong.

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2890 days ago

About to head in. See y'all in a few. Livestrong.


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j_manson 2874 days ago

Remember....its not about the bike. I am pulling for you.

RCHutchinson 2883 days ago

What's the pulse Lance?

brangirl 2884 days ago

Even down...still smiling! u inspire us all

fab111 2884 days ago

may the angels bless you

chamn1 2887 days ago

Aw man, I get a sick feeling seeing you in a hospital bed like that. Glad to know you're outta
there already. Can't wait till you're back.

salmotrutta9 2887 days ago

you should see the pic of me after my neck surgery i had in malaysia. yes, malaysia. i was one of those medical tourists. i can't believe they have a road race there. the pollution is out of control. seems like it would be hard to breath while kicking som

davidobrienirl 2887 days ago

Mr Armstrong I have been following you for years. I would think u be sick of hospital food by now. Guess not.

claudiadom 2887 days ago

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for all your words of inspiration. Now they are coming right back at ya! xoxoxo Livestrong!

izabelll 2887 days ago

oh la la:(

xtankiex 2887 days ago

You really are an inspiration!

misshassey 2887 days ago

That's why you're the've even got a smile in the hospital! LIVE STRONG! I started cycling after stage 8 of TOC...thanks for the inspiration. Get well soon : )

irimiacornel 2887 days ago


Jikan 2887 days ago

Nice dress! lol

speakingof 2888 days ago

i freaking love you man! heal up fast

sportzfanatik 2888 days ago

Hope you have a speedy recovery and I can't wait to watch your comback in Le Tour. It hasn't been the same since you 'retired'.

Cora007xyz 2888 days ago

It would be a good kind of revenge for their often not korrect behaviour against and critics against you if you could just buy the whole Tour. Would be a good joke, make me laugh.

Cora007xyz 2888 days ago

It would be very funny if you could really buy the Tour de France and than become the chief and ride in the open red car opening the Tour with the Flag. At least you would understand the cyclists perhaps better than Prudhomme cause you are profi-cyclist

Cora007xyz 2888 days ago

I wish you a good recovery. Why cant I sign in in that other paceline forum? There always stands, it is not eligible at the moment? Why not?

Cora007xyz 2888 days ago

Dear Lance. Has there really been a man on the street with a basket of grease that he painted on the street before your crash as the rumour of another man here in your forum said? Than it had been a kind of attack?

LiggettInMyEar 2888 days ago

Eh, can't be longwinded apparently! GO LANCE!