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PHOTO: Weird @AlYankovic!!! Best concert ever.

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2109 days ago

PHOTO: Weird !!! Best concert ever.


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nikkifromknox 2106 days ago

The one in red looks a little crazy...haha J/K I love weird Al

RedDeadRenee 2108 days ago

awesome :D

stansolo1 2108 days ago

Is this a contest for who has the creepiest eyes?

MrsUltraKev9 2109 days ago

Whoa. I think someone spilled beard on that guy...

esjay 2109 days ago

I see a few people from Blackballed and other improv stuff in there.

Bananamatic 2109 days ago

Seattle?... Everyone is Grunge but Al.

luvzminis 2109 days ago

Wait a minute...which one is Al? ("where's Waldo?") Just kidding--great photo!

HelenOE 2109 days ago

He looks like that b/c people LIKE having Weird pics. When not posing, he's calm, intelligent w/ a sweet smile.

CiannaSkye 2109 days ago

Legends know: How to: Live.

PatriciaKellogg 2109 days ago

everybody LEAN!

blogtard 2109 days ago

That is truly a glorious beard.

TheJoeWest 2109 days ago

pinky, weird al is an absolute legend! even legends look stupid sometimes :D

pinkyfrancisco 2109 days ago

why do u always look like a crazed maniac? ♥

algonacchick 2109 days ago

Wow, what an awesome photo!!