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rockeriith4 1402 days ago

=)) hahaha ♥

Foxy_KTA 1424 days ago


xGreenDayMusex 1433 days ago

Grim reaper?? Lol seriously WHERE is that??

ariaattack 1435 days ago

i wish i was that statue!

SheriDougherty 1436 days ago

What is that he's got in his hand? Maybe you shouldn't be touching it after

vandermaark 1447 days ago

Please, when you come to Southamerica, do a concert ALONE, wihout U2

skullrose9292 1451 days ago

is the the grim reper where is that

Sunislikeaspoon 1476 days ago

hahahaha, makes me smile your smile is so big, p.s, love your shoes

Mahsa_kia_ 1499 days ago

i cant stop laughing!whats that!!!!??

Cris_Bellamy 1503 days ago

That smily makes me dream wake ! +.+

NastyaKasianova 1514 days ago

really like this photo. You are very sincere smile here)))

whitekjg 1534 days ago

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

daixxxy 1535 days ago


HELLOMUZZI 1540 days ago

Expecto patronum....

theMUSEfanatic 1543 days ago

I have to agree with musicMelusine - it does look like someone from the Supermassive Black Hole video :D

Grace_Bliss 1543 days ago

looking good dom :)

Danisilvalozz 1545 days ago

jajajajaja *--*

Manaya0609 1545 days ago

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FreakinEternity 1546 days ago

it looks really weird... I mean the monument, not Dom)

luv_yours 1546 days ago

cute ! cute ! cute!!!!!!!! oh my,