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Album cover in need of a caption.

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1742 days ago

Album cover in need of a caption.


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Gr8SageEqlofHvn 1737 days ago


Gr8SageEqlofHvn 1737 days ago

World's first Evangelical Drag act.

JasonGanwich 1739 days ago

Kids in the Hall??

CabinBuoy 1739 days ago

Parental Advisory: Implicit Lyrics

Me_llamo_Petro 1739 days ago

featuring the B-Side "We're Uglier Than Sin".

fixinmytie 1740 days ago

is that you on the right Roger? You've changed.

webdesign2 1740 days ago

Ek is nie sadisties nie, maar dit gee nou heel nuwe mening aan gespyker!

Gaie 1740 days ago

The Beehive Boys

tesan 1740 days ago

Who knew that Brandon Fraser, Eddie Izzard and Stephen Fry were in a '60s girl band?

tesan 1740 days ago

Best reason I've seen for converting to Judaism.

tesan 1740 days ago

I think He has.

Fracture98 1741 days ago

Isn't that a young to right? isn't going to be happy about the genre.

photodawg1 1741 days ago

"Jesus, I Have a New Stylist, and His Name Is Satan"

dupergramp 1741 days ago

The Least Temptation of Christ

bcdarr 1741 days ago

The Faith Tones later accused Buddha of using them too. Typos weren't their only issue...

bcdarr 1741 days ago

I can't remember now. Was 'Jesus Use Me' their 21st or 22nd platinum album?

bcdarr 1741 days ago

Who didn't have this classic in their pastor approved collection? Good times, praise be his name.

bcdarr 1741 days ago

Fun fact. Only two of them were actually brothers.

TedZeplin 1741 days ago

Nuns in a Bun.

KitCameo 1741 days ago