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my dad = bob saget

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2003 days ago

my dad = bob saget


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eunhae123 1833 days ago

asian version of bob saget!!!!!

poedj_minkz 1947 days ago

i think your father is like Japanese not Chinese..

tigerpanda13 1948 days ago

OMG Asian bob saget!! lol they really do look alike.

kkeanaraeSMILES 1970 days ago

they look KINDA alike... I THINK.

dublefrick 1976 days ago

haha he does look like him lol :]

thaoweezy 1981 days ago

lolll x)

ApprenticeDIB 1983 days ago

This pic always makes me laugh! LOL!

kimster113 1983 days ago

thatsss crazzzyy an asian version of bob saget loll

tinasaurousrex 1983 days ago


bunmonika 1985 days ago


meenty 1985 days ago

omg i saw this on your video, my mom cracked up haha they do look alike :D

MySocksAreCool1 1986 days ago

dang they look soooo alike wowza XD

jeffreeefans 1986 days ago

Amazing lol

truegame 1988 days ago

hahaha you're rocks!

bryaniscool 1988 days ago

lol haha

belittledweirdo 1988 days ago

You really love your dad. Cute. Haha.

race155 1988 days ago

haha wow thats amazing!

narthyllek 1989 days ago


schiggypiplup 1989 days ago

Amazing :P

schlaukind 1990 days ago

WOW!!! o___O scary!