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Boys after the show in their (very swanky!) dressing room !!! - ST HQ

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2715 days ago

Boys after the show in their (very swanky!) dressing room !!! - ST HQ


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ImInRockTrouble 2645 days ago

u need more seat. has kel pushed rich on floor. kel don't b greedy. and u 3 share the seat instesd of lyin over it. sorry. naughty kel adam and jav. lol x

catmcgoo 2678 days ago

that looks like the beginnings of a messy night!!

Chunguloo 2686 days ago

There is just something unspoken and entriquing about Richard. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's something quiet, something suttle but undeniably sexy.

WhatKayleighDid 2687 days ago

i LOVE richards sleeve

unikissa 2691 days ago

Hello lovelies. Where are the ugly cat hats?? :) Miss you, more gigs soon please!

Laurenxtx 2691 days ago

More awesomeness!!!

carleymawhinney 2713 days ago

I wish I was there!

stereogirl1 2713 days ago

u all look like such a laugh!! so gonna meet u one day.

TigerAngel68 2715 days ago

NOW I really do wish I was there ;-)))))) Sounded like a top gig... Hope you all loved it *raises glass* Cheers xxx

Elkypelky 2715 days ago

never thought i would say this, but... i love twitter! :)
keep on posting :p

juliemanion 2715 days ago

Nice room....makes my room look lush...hope you took notice of the sign, keep it tidy please? they are having a laff eh?!

debbiefife 2715 days ago

You were fantastic x

adriladyluck 2715 days ago

Yaaaaaaaay!!! Congrats!!! Have a beer for me LOL!