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1716 days ago



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daniaviola 1485 days ago

ahah i love 's face! :) love you guys♥

awyeh 1633 days ago

hahahha i love Cam's face :p

CourtneyMoxo 1636 days ago

i like cams face, he so looks so happy :)and nate and mikey are being so g :P

arianna_fraser 1636 days ago

Cameron u r sooo hot!!!!

arianna_fraser 1636 days ago

lol where is Zach???

ChilleyDawg13 1666 days ago

look at michael's face

phoenixquiseng 1682 days ago

omg cameron if u get any hotter i will die <33

Demi_Sel_br 1695 days ago

Aaah, I love Cameron's face, is so cute!

gnarlytiger 1696 days ago

awwwww! i lovee CAMERONS FACEE! and himm xD <3333

monica_casiano 1697 days ago

lol camerons face

allstarweekend5 1715 days ago

trust me cameron. if u get any hotter i will die!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

CameronsAngel 1715 days ago

awww. I love u guys<3 omj. That seal is soo lucckkkkyyyyyyy!!<3

DreamOutLouddSG 1715 days ago

Soo cuteeeee ! ;P

Alexandraxxoxo 1715 days ago

aww thats cutee where is Zack :P

phoenixquiseng 1716 days ago

lol cameron u looks soo hot

ImMrsBieber 1716 days ago

funny :p

ck0107 1716 days ago

:P funny ;)

sk561321 1716 days ago

omg look at cam's face!! its hilarious!!:)

Selena_Lovato 1716 days ago

Coooooolll!!! Cameron U r sooooooo freak'n HOTT and CUTE!!! <3

NerdyGlasses8 1716 days ago

XD i <3 it! Whos the hottest band ever?? ALLSTAR WEEKEND!!!!!! :D