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Can't get over this venue- can u see all them in the stalls at the back! & they're PROPER screamin!

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2087 days ago

Can't get over this venue- can u see all them in the stalls at the back! & they're PROPER screamin!


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Anna_Healy 2087 days ago

i was there right near the front, and i'm not joking, you guys were A M A Z I N G! i love youuuuuuuuuu!<3

TWsian 2087 days ago

Haha! My verdict = life's too short! So SURF IT BABY! On the cupping side of things.. wear protective gear first! LOL! :) X

ElisaJade_ 2087 days ago

i seen you take this ;DDDD <3 <3

philippajo_x 2087 days ago

Amazing isnt it? soo wish i cud hv seen u guys as im on my hols in bpool atm bt glad u hd fun! :D x

philippajo_x 2087 days ago

Ive performed in tht room since i was 3 do evry yr on tht stage on the other wall u can c :)....

TWsian 2087 days ago

Looks amazing!!! You shoulda crowd surfed!!!!

EmilySykesWragg 2087 days ago

omgg is that the echo arena :)) i wanted to go to that!! have a top timmee xxxx jay please follow me :))

KatieRoisin 2087 days ago

Echo Arena tonighttttt :D xoxoxo

chloealiceTW 2087 days ago

WOW ! Come to Leeds please 'cos im not allowed to see you anywhere else :( love ya xxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Abyiie 2087 days ago

WOOWWWYYYY!! come back to bham! i never got too see you guys! :P xxxx

AshLoves_TWx 2087 days ago


kalesthewanted 2087 days ago

aaha beth;) xx

britt_TW 2087 days ago

looks lyk ur havinn funn
wish i was there
jealous much?
lovesyah xx

bethdickens 2087 days ago

yes, kaleigh is right ;) come back to birmingham.
or nottingham some time soon please, we ♥ you x

kalesthewanted 2087 days ago

Wish i was there, looks amazing. Come back to bham soon:) have fun!! xx

ShanRobinsonn 2087 days ago

Aww, I wish I was there, you guys are great live! <3 x

RCA_Price 2087 days ago

this looks AMAZING! man i bloody wish i was there <3 knock em dead :D

Laura_Dorney 2087 days ago

is there such thing as a fake scream ? haha enjoy :D X