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I play in NOFX and invent words. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nawesome http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=greediocracy

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See if you can find this place on a map. Hint: its in Russia which only has 12 time zones, should be easy.

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1429 days ago

See if you can find this place on a map. Hint: its in Russia which only has 12 time zones, should be easy.


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hellojaimee 1396 days ago

Выдача Багажа.. meaning "delivery of the luggage" my good man :) I know, i'm late :(

UriaKAKEPETUM 1423 days ago

when did u join twitter? i havent been on social networks either. it's still weird to me. tweet

FogacaHC 1426 days ago

Money ... Travel ... Women ... Drug ... Music ...

livethesearch 1427 days ago

I don’t know Russian but I’m pretty sure it says “Jail.” You’re probably trying to bail out Melvin.

diggitybiggity 1428 days ago

Jesus... I even found a picture of the EXACT sign... http://www.panoramio.com/photo/14759933

diggitybiggity 1428 days ago

Oh, and if you want a MAP... these are the coordinates 45° 0' 09"N, 37° 20' 25"E

diggitybiggity 1428 days ago

You're at an airport... in Tsybanobalka. Hope you and everyone is safe!

topNOFXfan 1428 days ago

i think its yanktar! NOFX rules!!!

chargerbandit69 1428 days ago

Either St. Petersburg or Moscow,only shows you had in Russia.

josehbass 1428 days ago

St. Petersburg I guess lol

agnstdgrain 1428 days ago

Old Jersey, Crotchitchburg! Went there on my honeymoon. Got divorced soon after.

fatjohnny_hc 1428 days ago

kkakaka leproso akakakka

AndreyHotDog 1428 days ago


GregHetson 1428 days ago

Taking into account the info I do know,through exact mathematical calculations,ran time warp simulations and arctic positioning ,I have deduced it is Magadan. Yes lovely Magadan. On Russia's east end.

Foot_Fag 1428 days ago

it's deffinetly in st. petersburg. ah, you americans, always afraid of cyrilic symbols :D

MIG22K 1428 days ago

Not a clue. The sign says "baggage claim". St. Petersburg?