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gf and i decide to get a puppy in december, going w/a labradoodle, pic:

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1630 days ago

gf and i decide to get a puppy in december, going w/a labradoodle, pic:


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pedroremedios 1571 days ago

Very cute!

luvbrrdz 1629 days ago

Q: Why December? Christmastime? Birthday?

nikimari 1629 days ago

I wish you would have found your new addition from the shelter - many beautiful dogs need to be rescued.

iseedeadpeeps 1629 days ago

trust me Kevin, don't get a labradoodle, get a goldendoodle, much better health wise

luvbrrdz 1629 days ago

please forgive auto-spell errors.

luvbrrdz 1629 days ago

Please consider adoption. The best dog in my life I got as a pup from the shelter. She lived to 18yo and was a gem. It's best to go sometimes more than once, and let the pup choose you. There are millions of great companions not running out of time and be

andyfriedl 1629 days ago

We got a 1yo golden from a breeder, All the training was done. So worth it! She is the Best dog ever.

scienceben 1629 days ago

Aww wicked, we were going to get one, but then we just got a choc lab. They're awesome!

jacobrevold 1629 days ago

Congrats :)

writersblock 1629 days ago

save a dog, puppies are a lot of work. #goodluck

Lady_shweta 1630 days ago

cute cute : )

Bleedrr 1630 days ago

You saw the movie, right? Good luck!

RodrigoBarbosa8 1630 days ago

Dog is all good!

nickdaudelin 1630 days ago

one word...AWWWW

JohnnyCaraveo 1630 days ago

Freaking cute...