Sara Bareilles


I'm home!

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1811 days ago

I'm home!


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Paris_the_dino 1758 days ago

Amazing =]

maricafezeiro 1769 days ago


GreenLuu 1808 days ago

I looooooove you so much!

M51RSBMBGD 1808 days ago

Yay!!!! I love your outfit by the way!!!! :) :) :) :)

JoseFrarguello 1809 days ago

hahaha nicee xD you are the best singer! and Im a fannnn :D

enyachiu 1809 days ago


schmaley 1810 days ago

ahahaha! awesome! and such a cute picture!!!

RyanJMoreau 1810 days ago

Before this pic I didn't know you and liked you alot. Now, I still don't know you, but I like you even more

Johmni 1811 days ago

I know how excited you must be, but put some clothes on sistah!?

raisethatglass 1811 days ago

Would you like that with a side of awesomesauce? :)

mary_j_hill 1811 days ago


chuchii2 1811 days ago

beautiful! =)

LynseyStockwell 1811 days ago

Haha brilliant x

imortlnoctrn 1811 days ago

admiration points skyrocketed in this moment. just sayin'.

OxideLounge 1811 days ago

I love you more for this

TK195 1811 days ago


rose_vega 1811 days ago

=) cool

thehenriquer 1811 days ago

oh Sara, you're so cute!

NKorn9 1811 days ago

And you look tan!