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Ok everyone I am taking off with the cast now. So I will tweet when I get back. Love you all

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2259 days ago

Ok everyone I am taking off with the cast now. So I will tweet when I get back. Love you all


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BubbleGum_Girll 2241 days ago

You guys are too cute ♥ Sam is a giant. Lool.

IzyLizy 2241 days ago

Haha, Sam, you look just a bit lost! Haha! :) and Alicia & Luke, well don't you guys just look supper! :) Ps: is that hair on Munro's chin or just shadows? Im pretty sure it's shadows.

SarahLove137 2242 days ago

I love how it was Alicia that posted the picture yet the majority of the comments are about how hot the guys are. ;) Aww how I love us Degrassi fans. <3

tweetweet517 2242 days ago

munro and sam are so sexy!

lauren_degrassi 2243 days ago

munro looks sooo cutee! <3 luke is rocking the coach purse...hahah :)

x3biancababiex3 2243 days ago

lol Luke is rockin a coach baggg xDDDDDDDDD

x3biancababiex3 2243 days ago

Munro <3333 :]

NicoZeppilli 2243 days ago

no you were not. i was laughing so hard

biancadehaan 2243 days ago

am i the only one that noticed luke is wearing a purse...

TeAmoPandax333 2243 days ago

love this pic you all look nice...^__^

cloezenga 2243 days ago


camillemadore 2243 days ago

Munro ! <3

cuttie_lulu 2244 days ago

munro is lookin mad cute

JDBGotSkillz 2245 days ago

& you are very pretty alicia

JDBGotSkillz 2245 days ago

OMG . MUNRO <3 HE IS SOO HOT !!!! & Luke is too , sam is alright , i used to have to hugest crush on him then , luke, but now MUNRO !!! he is sooooooo hot . (maybe even hotter then justin bieber ? ) LOL

itsrainingkaite 2245 days ago

Also, your verry pretty :D.just don't like Bianca in Degrassi but i'll like you in real lifee.

itsrainingkaite 2245 days ago

LOL @ Sam, he just made me laugh outa nowhere.. Omg, Munro Chambers<3333 and hehe Drew's a cutie

carlaqeez 2245 days ago

munroo is soo hot ! ;D

iamjustinsgurrl 2245 days ago

luke. so hot. :) & your not like your character at all. bianca is a slut.. but ur pretty! (:

xSheeLuveMunrox 2246 days ago

Awww Alicia Looks Pretty , Nicee , & So Not Slutty .
:) ( iMean Yuurr Character Not Yuuee In General )