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Me and my boy on way to manc!

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1843 days ago

Me and my boy on way to manc!


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LOTTIE_TW_KA_TJ 1710 days ago

that is just the cutest thing ever :) talking bout the dog max :P <3 xx

Lucy_Loves_TW 1819 days ago

awww! but hes like huge how old is he? :) x

robynfoster 1827 days ago

max, that dog is just.. FRIGGIN HUGE.

LillyBethChungx 1827 days ago

that dog is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small, apparently im sarcastic :D

TiaCooper_TW 1827 days ago

wow! that is one big dog x

_mustardcustard 1834 days ago

Ohh i had one of those dogs she was called baby G
everytime i saw she knocked me over, hehe!xxx

x_music4life_x 1834 days ago

oh its elvis LOL i thurt it was a seal at first a cute one but still thurt it was a seal! LOL :) x

BethCStewart 1842 days ago

TWINS ;-)! x

CharMillzz 1842 days ago

WOW. elvis is bigger than max..:L

annacooke 1843 days ago

beautiful! oh, max. you look alright too.. ;)

Crystall_TW 1843 days ago

:D He looks stoned lmao. Aww. Hes so cute thoughh :') Can i have himm...:P

LaurenTR4_EP 1843 days ago

bullmastif isnt that Max ....♥

EmilySykesWragg 1843 days ago

Wow what sort of dog is that ?? Love you max please follow me!!

K_JLS_IRONIK_X 1843 days ago

MAX! :) omg that dog iss gorgeouss tooo :) xx

aimeehooton 1843 days ago

N'AWWWW! cute :-)

geri_wants_TW 1843 days ago

both are sooo cute :D xxxx

ShannonRosexx 1843 days ago

awww the dog is lovley :-)xx

RunwayRose_TW 1843 days ago

AWWW .... I think you have competition now! lol <3 xxxxxxx

laaurenthompson 1843 days ago

... you just make this picture. x

ZoeyRidley 1843 days ago

They Both Are Soo Cute xx