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so this is what it's like to be on the outside. not cool. #fb

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2110 days ago

so this is what it's like to be on the outside. not cool. #fb


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biebergirl6697 2094 days ago

AWWWW sry dierks and sry daddy!

KromeMusic 2104 days ago

Wait - I love Billy Idol - but he actually sold out!!!??? Wow!!!

Precious1953 2110 days ago

Dierks, I just love your sense of humor..you are one funny guy...and that is what it is like to be on the outside...so sad

davidkincheloe 2110 days ago

dude, you're so skinny! need to know your diet...!!

gillespievball 2110 days ago

I get to see him in two weeks in Ohio!

Alleybaba86 2110 days ago


ddritzenhein 2110 days ago

Great Photo

fromwhatisee 2110 days ago

Well we hope to see you @ the Reno gun show this weekend...love ya

jaymeb30 2110 days ago

Don't they know who you ARE??!! I've tried a "With The Band" white tank top, didn't get me far but I still had a great time

rednekgurlnok 2110 days ago

Slam ur fist down and yell "but I am Dierks Bentley!!!"

Jerzgirll 2110 days ago

I can't believe they did not let you in... What is your fave Billy Idol song? I am curious :O)

shannyd77 2110 days ago

Dierks - they WILL let you in!!!! LOL - this is how we feel we we dont get to see you :(

jeepsterlover 2110 days ago

Just sneak backstage and tell em you're in charge of the mic stands lol!!

Sunshine1482 2110 days ago

Omg this is funny! :D

sideways1120 2110 days ago

Haha Awwww:( Wow you look so sad! Just Remember your Dierks Bentley!!

flybaby014563 2110 days ago

But you are cool Dierks! :)

BridgettHaney 2110 days ago

Aww, you look like you're about to cry!

KaylaNJonas 2110 days ago

ahaha now ya know..lol..you looked bummed. ha