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I made these items for a future release. Warlord of Miltonius.

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1709 days ago

I made these items for a future release. Warlord of Miltonius.


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AqwDeathlord 1397 days ago

Can you please combat style bane of nulgath? ! Hah thanks for everything and your comments ! :3

Icymercy 1627 days ago

when is your next new item release ? ....cant wait for the release

Icymercy 1627 days ago

I hope to see more spear and helm being remodel

Zaodlen 1640 days ago

The weapon is Bane of Miltonius

Zakristone 1642 days ago

Lol the weapon shrunk in size...

Zaodlen 1644 days ago

This armor is realeased

and i am so happy now!!!

Warlordsglory 1645 days ago

The Quest Needs
50-trainted gems
3-totem of miltonius
50-dark crystal shards
vochuer of miltoius (non-mem)
unidentified 13
13-diamonds of miltonius
0_0 That's all we need!
chage the drops from the mana golem to the mana falcon or imp or another easy mon

LorAbb1996 1645 days ago

lol it a hard quest XD

fuckyoubitch912 1647 days ago

please dont make the qwest that hard...

iLoveauef 1647 days ago

i know the quest!!

LorAbb1996 1648 days ago

cuz the quest is ...

LorAbb1996 1648 days ago

it is non mem you d1ck

iLoveauef 1649 days ago

can u make this non mem pls!

Dan_X_Doa 1650 days ago

And you shouldn't tell

Dan_X_Doa 1650 days ago

dude its supposed to be a secret you dumbass douchebag

Riszhen 1650 days ago

i didnt do nothing i just saw the pic its not mine

LorAbb1996 1650 days ago

omg you son of a .... why do you do this ???? just keep such things for youself??

Riszhen 1650 days ago

Dan_X_Doa 1651 days ago

,I don't thinnk so dude =/ I think it will be totems diamonds shards tained gems thats all and ah thats all

Riszhen 1651 days ago

is it true dat u need 13,diamonds,13shards,13gems, 1 contract,3 totems, and voucher? for dis armor?