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just got the new Lost box set - see you in 8 months

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1749 days ago

just got the new Lost box set - see you in 8 months


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Lo_Winchester 1718 days ago

I want i love lost nice pic ill get it soon hha

JanaMirrh 1719 days ago

Oh, sorry, nice and good for you Jimmy!

JanaMirrh 1719 days ago

it's the same boxed set you posted the Amazon link to. Those pieces are inside that box, there is a photo of the one here, of the BOX at that link too. sigh.

jacobrowley 1743 days ago


sal_nai 1746 days ago


golfbender 1748 days ago


AuntyGT 1748 days ago

Jimmy, you crack me up.

MsFlipper 1748 days ago

Awwww showing some Lost love! :D

djmfnk 1748 days ago

holy shit!!!!!! i thought it was a myth.

klost004 1748 days ago

I want I want....give me give me!!

lostdogs20 1748 days ago

Love it. #lost

PaulStevensTV 1748 days ago

The LOST boxset is the next best thing to dating Evangeline Lilly.

VickyVictoriaG 1748 days ago

Why 8 months? Were you not playing safe? You make a lovely couple.

inline_sk8erboi 1748 days ago

i don't get this...is this the whole series box set?? is there such a thing? or just last season?

delusionalstate 1748 days ago

Don't forget a bucket of Mr Cluck's chicken and Dharma Beer. Enjoy!!!!

lilsey 1749 days ago


AdrianNicosia 1749 days ago

What box set is this? Doesn't look like this one - http://amzn.to/dCmZxp

MiaNorthman 1749 days ago

Want. I'm so jealous!

monkeybeat 1749 days ago

It looks like you are planning on watching that in your bathroom. Make sure to fill the tub 1st.

seafoamscribble 1749 days ago