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My new bathroom at TBS has two railings around the toilet. Those idiots - I asked for four.

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2384 days ago

My new bathroom at TBS has two railings around the toilet. Those idiots - I asked for four.


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shawnfeiz 1924 days ago

hahahahaa conan

footgirl33602 1969 days ago

Is that Season you flushed?

Nalableu 1978 days ago

Idiots...Someone needs to get fired IMMEDIATELY. Haha...Team Coco :)

MsBabyGotBack 2008 days ago

Doesn't it get in the WAY of like, "going"?

BELG77 2134 days ago

What's that hole in the wall for?

Mr_Wassup 2151 days ago

How to disarm the American commando? Just pull out the toilet paper from his backpack.

Film4view 2230 days ago

Wow... That is intense.
- JER "Canadian Vlogger"

SonaGasparian 2261 days ago

haha loooooooool

DesertCactus 2361 days ago

The key is for when Conan comes up with a great idea. He writes it on toilet paper and then locks them away until he needs them. This is his thinking stool.

DesertCactus 2361 days ago

That toilet looks pretty short. Make sure you don't fall into the water!

giobigez 2367 days ago

for god's sake, conan, stay away from the third rail!

clear_leigh 2367 days ago

What kind of contract did you sign, Conan? Looks like they have made preparations for you to grow old in there.

DannieMoofin 2369 days ago

wow TBS is high roller and give you TWO rolls of TP ha

Chaderax 2370 days ago

does the toilet paper only come out 1 at a time? i remember leno complaining about that to u in the mid 90's

DaniseCodekas 2370 days ago

Conan, No box of Premium Adult Overnight Briefs, either!
I see they left you a TP box key,so you bring your own TP, too?Talk to your agent!

yuurei_kun 2372 days ago

Don't fall in!

AbZurdity 2373 days ago

All the better for your staging of the all-bathroom "Starlight Express" revival.

whanson09 2373 days ago

Because of your height?

courtney_bolton 2373 days ago

That's a pretty nice bathroom, all things considered.

BrandonRutledge 2375 days ago

What?! No Bidet?!!!