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1934 days ago


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BFForever1995 1575 days ago

It's so fluffy that I'm gonna die! #despicableme

bellomary89 1755 days ago

Very Cute :)

itsClaraGurgel 1799 days ago

AAhhhh, so cute! s2

annette62e 1925 days ago

What a sweet dog, I have two golden retrievers, they are really nice dogs, manĀ“s best friend

BobbieFeinho 1925 days ago

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JessyBrando 1932 days ago

awwwn so cute sleeping ;D

mar_syas 1933 days ago

So cute! I want to hug and kiss him! I got 3 dogs myself, don't we just adore those creatures?

ninetteam 1934 days ago

le repos du guerrier

_kaku_ura69 1934 days ago

wow! so cute!! It is a very tender loving photograph. :)

Jeffrey_Till 1934 days ago

I'm pitching a dog show to AP and looking for a topliner. Let's powwow with her percenter and ink one. ;-)

SherryMLyles 1934 days ago

I think it shows Flannery has great taste. Better than a cat with french onion dip breath..

brownie90066 1934 days ago

Okay. In my next life, I am going to be a dog... wait, this dog.

WASP_Vespuria 1934 days ago

Clearly an aggressive dog. Mine actually ate my pizza off the stove the other day. Hilarious.

Piratelabradors 1934 days ago

Alas, yet another hard day at the office. Must be taking a break from countersurfing 4 food! LOL

SG_Morgana 1934 days ago

So cute! <3 <3 <3 And relaxed! :)

EltonSparrow 1934 days ago

Good Doggy! (Captain Jack-PotC Dead Man's Chest) hahah!

wisA33 1934 days ago

awww so cute! Good choice of dog. I have 2

KarissaReneeD 1934 days ago

Ah, the life of a dog.

AlyzabethM 1934 days ago

Not looking too aggressive at the moment.