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2711 days ago


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cheeseflosser 2702 days ago

The ol' mime trapped in the glass booth bit just doesn't work on radio.

militantrabbit 2705 days ago

Crazy girl looks like she escaped from the ghetto in Schindler's List.

eddycobb 2710 days ago

I want to get behind her and eat her ass......and when I say eat, I mean like a lion eating a carcess.

OpeAnt29 2711 days ago

Is she smelling one of Jazzy Jim's famous farts?

PhilfromPhillly 2711 days ago

her hand is HUGE

marvels2099 2711 days ago

Must be staying at Bill Cox's outfit, uh-hm.

ZOLAR 2711 days ago

stalker patty // stalker liz show coming soon

foresakenMatt 2711 days ago

and she likes pancakes!

Johoff23 2711 days ago

The look on her face is the same one Carrie's mother had before she tried to stab her.

oliverguerrero 2711 days ago

This bitch looks crazy hahahaha

IamKent 2711 days ago

Oh my god... i'm so scared. Is she pregnant? - Kent the movie guy

DouchieMcDouche 2711 days ago

So Jimmy , did you do her?

MWMcGuirk 2711 days ago


jet750ski 2711 days ago

She jizzed in her pants

metalmeck 2711 days ago

The power of christ repels you

nneptune 2711 days ago

is she describing the length of your junk?
you hairless giant, you1

NVMEV1 2711 days ago

when is she gonna spit out pea soup and fuck a cross?

trexx65 2711 days ago

She's doing the OAK TREE (Morris Day song)cue Car crash>>>>>>>

chefrabear 2711 days ago

I'd do her, whilst singin "HammerTime" into her ear from behind....

cdub79 2711 days ago

def. psycho, her nostrils are GIANT, sure sign of insanity