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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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2654 days ago


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doughuala 2648 days ago

Hey! That's my scout leader.

wireman290 2653 days ago

I'd do her.

TomFromTuckahoe 2653 days ago

Well not a landing strip nor hitler stash....Definetly not a wood floor

foresakenMatt 2653 days ago

and i should learn how to spell...

foresakenMatt 2653 days ago

lol you gave her ape tits... learn how to drawn boobies Yimmy!!!

Johoff23 2653 days ago

Her chest looks like King Kong's. It's not as good as Snoots either. Try harder next time young man.

MWMcGuirk 2653 days ago

It looks a little like you, Jimmy. That is, if you had hair "folicles" transplanted all over the place like some people do. ;)

mrjimbag 2653 days ago

good shit

nneptune 2653 days ago

something about her eyes just draws me in... mmmmmm...

csknoll 2653 days ago

I got a new background for my phone!

MissLindsey420 2653 days ago

thank god you labeled the shawl for us.

ichbinwamphyri 2653 days ago

was she a great big fat person?

trexx65 2654 days ago

Pic-ass oh Jim !

DanCreeden 2654 days ago

Sell it on eBay

psuscott0483 2654 days ago

thats darn funny jim

MomPOM 2654 days ago

I'm really loving your "Tranny on Excessive Hormones" period.

nycsfguy 2654 days ago


WestrnEcho 2654 days ago

A tampon or a cock with a long pubic hair? Calling Dr. Freud, daddy!

dasbeermeister 2654 days ago

Hot cave drawing Jimmy.

MentalityMag 2654 days ago

It looks like a post-op Gunnery Sergeant Hartman if his hair caught on fire . . .