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2811 days ago


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GillyfromPhilly 2789 days ago

Fups always look hotter in grey polyester

dhair 2810 days ago

Tags! "C with no socks" lolololololololol .. Oh Yimmy!

dodisman 2810 days ago

is she wearing Sambas?

ruthie4188 2811 days ago

your calves look hot! (and my guess is that she IS wearing a thong because i've seen her wearing one many times)

csknoll 2811 days ago

Wearing a thong? Yeah, and I don't have a pair of tube socks stuffed down my pants.

KD0BIE 2811 days ago

Pullover!!! No, its a cardigan but thanks for asking!

Lady_Trucker 2811 days ago

Todays look... Hippy librarian. I don't think shed wearing a thong.Things arn't supplied by salvation army.

andrewburgin 2811 days ago

holy shit, it is man hands!

signdzine 2811 days ago

Why is lil Yimi wearing soccer sneakers, a dress, sweater and shawl?

paintcan88 2811 days ago

what the f**k jimmy

voyboy 2811 days ago

Wow how long before this picture is on faterock.com

garlicbuddersaw 2811 days ago

someone should sketch her ass a new pair of shoes

spikedcm 2811 days ago

and to think, when she looked in the mirror before leaving house this morning she thought "Perfect!"

stevefromyellow 2811 days ago

Raaaaaaaaaamone, This bitch is needs to be gagged with a big black cock

EnochTheRed 2811 days ago

Look at that gut... oh er maybe she was ill and just about to blow her nose cut her some slack!

afflaq 2811 days ago

batshit fucking crazy does not even begin to describe this girl.

Gludder 2811 days ago

Opie's picture is almost fuckable, this picture is the horrid truth.

331miles 2811 days ago

man hands

JCP1975 2811 days ago

sign her up for the homeless shopping spree.

jimson546 2811 days ago

I've seen better pictures of burn victims.