graham coxon


Musician/painter/pencil lover/secret lord

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1858 days ago


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headphones4two 1734 days ago

stop showing off lol :P i barely realized you had a twitpic haha XD

Freakingirl 1734 days ago

I love your style..vey Coxon!see ya!

anniengel 1737 days ago

I like it your style this pic is cute XD

HraCaligari 1854 days ago

Ah, horn rims save the planet!

comradetina 1857 days ago

very stylish monsieur

odette9 1857 days ago

the sunglasses are really per!

ElliePlimsolls 1858 days ago

*thud* Stubbe and long lashes..

dashwood457 1858 days ago

is this a self photo?? it's rather close up !! those shades are weird man!! but the hat is soo fetching yah yah yah fah fah fah!

jennyhardy 1858 days ago

Cool specs, cool hat!! u look great but knackered...
have a nice trip :)

ANDYthatsme 1858 days ago

I think you need some coffee and to be listening too the Kinks Waterloo Sunset....

harmonikvoid 1858 days ago

lovely shirt, lovely hat, lovely glasses. ♥

sarahlay 1858 days ago

Lovin' the whole look :0) Safe travels....

tofupanny 1858 days ago

wow~ really nice specs! charming man, don't do drowsy driving. take care~!

shimaumi 1858 days ago

hi ! lovely hat !

litzigig 1858 days ago

He does look like a cheese-making kinda guy here though. Very Gallic.

iamyijuan 1858 days ago

safe drive!

exhilarating 1858 days ago

i love this stripey tshirt so very much. :o) see you this sunday at troxy.

WDMN 1858 days ago

Graham doesn't make cheese you loon, that's Alex James... Top banana GC, sweet lapels!

crispynoodles 1858 days ago

Hello there. You look about ready for another kip.

pitstopmark 1858 days ago

Cazris you have the glasses I'll have his talent, both for music and cheese making :)but dont like blue cheese, love Blur cheese