Elena Jane Goulding


Do you want my heart between your teeth?

For some reason found this hilarious

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2357 days ago

For some reason found this hilarious


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xNicoleG06 2349 days ago

pardon me french but FUCK OFF! ha! that is just too funny!

lucaslohan 2349 days ago

a little bit like tom hanks in cast away

EllieG_JessieJ 2354 days ago

Me too xD

roilandroyland 2355 days ago

Too soon to look like an old man ><

badtimingmich 2357 days ago

OMG he looks old NOW

abbymaybutler 2357 days ago

Uh-oh, whats happened to the boy..

Glitz30 2357 days ago

Not sure what he's trying to achieve here but he sure lives up to his name!!

l3n6iw 2357 days ago

what a change! lol

oliviaholt 2357 days ago

ha ha lol - he looks like a hairy old guy !

LouiseGoodwin 2357 days ago

LOL - He looks like a yeti!

LukeHutchiee 2357 days ago

hes so fucked

ChloeBxo 2357 days ago

he looks like a hobo like that hes lost his dingnity :L so has heidi though speidi arent the most popular people on earth theyre dilusional :L

C_44Russian 2357 days ago

Poor dude's name is Pratt. Lol. How very fitting :P

LastFrancesca 2357 days ago

oh look mag :L

VVooDz 2357 days ago

Ever thought he's sick of being a fake, so now he's actually happy being himself?

DamnItsCoriinne 2357 days ago

ewww...he looks like a dog now...such a shame :(

Geooorgi 2357 days ago

he looks like a poodle XD

DinoEllieRawr 2357 days ago

GOD! Whatta change :/ Wouldn't you like to keep your old self?- i know i would..

CollyBabyx 2357 days ago

what has he done to himself! its too funny totally let himself go..

MadisonFiorenza 2357 days ago

oh my gosh, he's let himself go... :L xo