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A very, very, very happy 50th ANNIVERSARY to my parents @sheldoncoraroth

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2013 days ago

A very, very, very happy 50th ANNIVERSARY to my parents


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WhyDontULuvMe 2001 days ago

Wow you look like your dad and mom lovely photo...

LineBehr 2007 days ago

I always loved these kind of pics, they look so glamourous!! They're a beautiful couple and you look like your dad so much!!! But you have your mom's eyes!

reggiebot 2012 days ago

It's too bad you haven't started copying the fine example your parents have set for you!
Get busy mister life doen't wait for anyone!

Tsubomiland 2012 days ago

♪Happy(。´_●`)ノ┌iiii┐ヾ(´○_`*)Birthday♪ You look like both of them ! That's amazing ! (^o^)

thisiscarlijn 2012 days ago

wooow you look like your dad! My grandparent's 50th anniversary was a month ago...darnit you're old. Or I'm just tres young. Happy anniversary Mrs. and Mr. Roth!

blackgrrrl 2013 days ago

oh my, you look a lot like both of them! happy 50th anniversary!! that's a very cute pic btw :)

thatposeramy 2013 days ago

Holy shit! You look just like both of them!!

pullaheist 2013 days ago

Your mom is hot!

gungindaho7 2013 days ago

Yesterday is my parents happy 21th anniversary! God bless 'em! :-)

Katydidinnc 2013 days ago

A very Happy 50th. Anniversary!!! And many more!!! My father-in-law was John Maria Roth. His Father Alouis Roth escaped Germany by swimming the Rhine River. Never saw his family again. He was a Botonist and Gunsmith. He came down thru Canada to Central Am

Narco_Musement 2013 days ago

What an amazing photo and testament to love and marriage--thanks for sharing!

angiesaysthings 2013 days ago

your parents are so hot. weird. now we all know where you get it from...

Maewolf 2013 days ago

you have alot of their features, mother and father, shows alot :)

ColonialBoy1 2013 days ago

What a handsome couple.

A love that we all could only wish for.

nixskits 2013 days ago

Happy 50th to both of them! My parents had 30 years till Dad passed. Enjoy each day & say "I love you!"

SPZanti 2013 days ago

And here's to many more!

Rockster1039 2013 days ago

Oh my god, you look JUST like him o.o

lastseason_ 2013 days ago

Man, it's not your dad. It's you. lol

suzannalicious 2013 days ago

wow you are an exact mix of both of them!