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Toronto 2

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1634 days ago

Toronto 2


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sandrabeatles 1561 days ago

paul, we want you in spain

paul08100 1619 days ago

We love Paul!

beatleslover132 1631 days ago

Can't wait for you to come back! What an awesome show! I'll never be able to see another concert.

KatieJAbbey 1632 days ago

I'll be seeing you tomorrow night in MONTREAL! Woot. Wish I could see you face to face ;)

Maggison123 1632 days ago

I WAS THERE!!! AMAZING!! Can't wait for you to come back to Toronto!

martmit 1632 days ago

i went thru everything possible to get these tickets, they were sold out, i had to buy they off of someone for a higher price, but it was soooooo worth it. highlight of my summer!

monicafstewart 1633 days ago

You're simply the best composer and musician I've ever experienced. I love you Paul. Love.

aribeatlelover 1633 days ago

i wish i was thereeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i didnt have school so i could go to every one of your concertss

dwilson94 1633 days ago

I had a curfew once......

Delana_Hockey 1633 days ago

YEAH!!!!!!!!! BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

TiaCamilleri 1634 days ago

I was there! =D
You were brilliant!

Tigers_ftw 1634 days ago

wish i was there just costed to much =.(

PaulinaRocks97 1634 days ago


edzniiiii 1634 days ago

i love u paul, come to mexico again please!!!! paul ur the best lov u >.<

akiko10128 1634 days ago

Paul, when are you coming back to NYC? I love you so much!! xxxxxx

renatagorza 1634 days ago


eternalstar01 1634 days ago

Well, at this point, you've been onstage about 30 minutes, now. Wishing you a fantastic show, and I'm super-jealous of my eastern cousins!! <3

SgtPepper313 1634 days ago

I already sent you an email saying to come to Brazil! 190 million people sent it! Come To Brazil!

rabubeverley 1634 days ago

curfew :)

lucaspaolera 1634 days ago

!!! comeee to Brazil! we love you!!