Mike Massimino


NASA astronaut, mission specialist for STS-125

Flying aerobatics in a T-38, here is a photo of my view

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2270 days ago

Flying aerobatics in a T-38, here is a photo of my view


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jaapsteenis 2229 days ago

Didn't know the space shuttle was doing this;-)

Bmardutchess 2258 days ago

Incredible view. Curious what the G-force is ina T-38

ManuVeron 2269 days ago

"Flying aerobatics in a T-38"
"Taking the bus this morning" is the best I can get... :)

amika79 2269 days ago

In my dreams!!! That is #2 on my bucket list... right under driving a zamboni!!! Thanks for sharing.

SteveMoschetta 2270 days ago

Nice ride! Tom Cruise in the front seat?

mickefoppa 2270 days ago

Great Pic,,,You had a Great View..Smile

shiosho11 2270 days ago

Coooooooooooool !!

SpiritbearNY 2270 days ago

Fantastic view... errr where's the airsick bag? Bleh ;p Feeling better, thanks for sharing!

gabmillan10 2270 days ago

Simply awesome!! I love your pic :) Wish I could do that someday!!!

Jimbo6664 2270 days ago

Now I know my job is really dull. But what an awesome picture.

CanadianChick24 2270 days ago

COOL!! What a great job you have!!! Lots of work but it must be fun at the same time...

SandiFournier 2270 days ago


cerebralsqueeze 2270 days ago

WOW!!! SO cool! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to live vicariously ;)

smytherington 2270 days ago

im soooooooooooooooooooooo jelous

loopingstar 2270 days ago

Awesome view - Do you ever feel sick !!