Nick Cannon


If you take anything I say on Twitter seriously, you have too much time on your hands.


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2424 days ago



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KandMe_61512ILY 2357 days ago

damn ur sexy ;) lmfao my ass Is gonna get beat by Mariah :P

luisriosjr 2424 days ago

Fat free mayonaise - yummy!

LusciousVIlibra 2424 days ago

I am not mad @ Mariah

monarcbfly 2424 days ago

Nice salami you have there, Nick! I see why mariah chose you ;) U so crazy!

zainIAM 2424 days ago

OMG...Nick you are nuts!!!...your career is about to blow the roof open after this...LOL, YOU ARE NUTS!

nadz246 2424 days ago

All I could do is lol lol lol

SayNoToWeed 2424 days ago

LMAO. I see why Mariah chose you over me!!! =(

Angelsmc27 2424 days ago

My reaction is disappointed, I expected nudity, awful it wasn't Mariah Damn Nick. You ruin my big chance. Laugh! P/S You wish yo dik was that big, you have every girl in cal. Peace.

GrowingUpStrong 2424 days ago


heyheyitsLexxii 2424 days ago

Hahaha you so wish, Nick. You so wish. :-p <3

rabote87 2424 days ago

Hahahaha. =)

Carlos_Turismo 2424 days ago Mariah Carey Brasil

vitorwoolf 2424 days ago

que isso nick?

lyrika96 2424 days ago

hahaha lmafo:D

Game_Boy1 2424 days ago

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y couldnt it've been mariah instead TRAGIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YummyAss 2424 days ago

bahahaha WOW nice!

brownc3cbrown 2424 days ago

Ayo thuga

Caughty 2424 days ago

Hahahahaha! Dats not a complete nude picture...

Killuminati322 2424 days ago

Check ur sexuality as fruity as this Alize Quick to jump ship punk trick what a dumb move Cross Death Row now who you gon run to

MilaBmkupartist 2424 days ago

Hahahha...too funny!!!