Graham Linehan


I apologise in advance.

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2744 days ago


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ferricko 2642 days ago

how many unsold fiery firkins did it take to make that. would love to see someone desperatly chasing that syrup down a windy subway

thecjwman 2744 days ago

Joss stone has really let herself go.

superkatie12321 2744 days ago

it was even funnier when he put on the beard and stupid teeth!!!! i

LuceKD 2744 days ago

It's Carol Decker

trimmtrab 2744 days ago

twatt3r, ha ha, easy to wind up aren't you. And Stewart Lee is unfunny too.

gjdean 2744 days ago

Harry is a genius.

actualsarah 2744 days ago

lol.. it's not coz he's on itv.... i don't like him coz he's not funny at all

twatt3r 2744 days ago

trimmtrab u r a cunt

twatt3r 2744 days ago

you fucking idiots don't like harry hill because he's on itv, the people's channel, the channel of people who like ant & dec, jade goody, etc. so you can't realise a true genius who chooses to work there as well. i imagine that right now there is an intel

trimmtrab 2744 days ago

Is that Harry Hill, fuck me, he's so unfunny, I laugh more at herpes

oliverchalliner 2744 days ago

oh harry hill. how i love thee. he's the funniest bit of telly most weeks

travors 2744 days ago

She's..... she's beautiful... :o

hiscoresboards 2744 days ago

Momma mia it's Agnetha from Abba

JobyFarrington 2744 days ago

It's Mick Hucknall gone wrong!!!

cheznoir 2744 days ago

I love Harry :)

Cleggfu 2744 days ago


Shelley__Bright 2744 days ago

I think he's been using Feria Spice Power!

tsmradio 2744 days ago

for sure, knitted character is a stroke of genius too

kirstenin 2744 days ago

Yes. Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate.

actualsarah 2744 days ago

i hate that man so much